Our relationship with our customers is about much more than gathering glowing reviews. Understanding our customers’ journey is about learning about their wants, needs, and goals from the moment they begin considering a purchase, and then working closely with them to make their journey as simple, clear, efficient, and as enjoyable as possible. The reviews below make us happy, knowing we’re helping people when they need it most.

Arielle Wells, THANK YOU! Thanks to you, the mortgage application process was exemplary. When my husband and I initially chatted with her, she already knew what we needed from the moment we spoke. Throughout the mortgage process, Arielle kept us updated on the status of our loan so that we were never in the dark. She was incredibly knowledgeable, capable, efficient, friendly, and speedy. I would strongly advise working with Arielle for any of your mortgage needs. She went above and beyond to make sure we had the right loan, and we are grateful to her for all her expertise! THANKS AGAIN ARIELLE!”

Lisa C.
July, 2022

“My husband Jim and I closed on our house today. Shane and Julie made our experience very enjoyable. Everything went great. We couldn’t have asked for a better team. Thank you for all that you did to assure us a smooth and successful home purchasing experience.

Jim and LaToina L.
June, 2022

“I just closed on my home 06/03/2022 and I worked with Arielle Wells and when I say she was so pleasant to work with. She was very informative with any questions I had, and we all know home buying can be a very nerve wracking, anxiety filled experience but working with Arielle at HomeLend made my experience very calm. She called me everyday to insure I was ok and to keep me calm. Lord knows I needed that Lol. She kept me informed every step of the way so I knew exactly what was happening when it was happening. I really appreciated that. Please don’t hesitate calling and talking to Arielle she will tell you everything you need to know. Definitely will be recommending to everyone I know.

Shay S.
June, 2022

“Homelend USA has become a wonderful family to me. They truly went above and beyond helping purchase my first home. As a first time buyer, it was overwhelming and a struggle to understand the process. Mark Bigelow and his team communicated with me throughout the whole process and explained it to me in a way I could understand. They had a lot of patience and they were willing and ready to go the extra mile for me everyday. I recommend homelend to everyone and thanks god for everything!

Felicia B.
May, 2022

“I usually don’t post reviews, but let me tell you about the most amazing experience I had with this company!! First of all, Mark Bigelow was the loan officer that gave us the most amazing rate. I told him what we were looking for and asked for advice on a lot of thing and he never once made me feel like I was being a burden. Instead, he was so appreciative of me asking and so helpful and efficient. Second, Angela Putrus was beyond helpful. She was efficient, organized, kind, and caring. She made me feel like I was family, not just a client that needed this company’s help. She went above and beyond to ensure the process went as smooth as possible by explaining everything step by step. I’ve dealt with other companies before and they bombarded me and spoke to me like I knew how all this stuff worked. But Angela detailed out the process before we even began to do anything! She was respectful of my time and was so patient and still got everything done within a month if not less. Needless to say, I recommend wholeheartedly. You will not be disappointed.

Raneen M.
April, 2022

Mark Bigelow and his team went above and beyond to make buying our first home an incredibly easy and straightforward process. They were on top of all emails and quick to respond if we ever had any questions, even outside of normal business hours. The level of care, attention to detail, and professionalism far surpassed my expectations. As a first-time home buyer, I really appreciated honesty and transparency throughout the mortgage process I can’t recommend HomeLend Team enough!

Marvin P.
April, 2022

“First time buying a house. Brittany made it easy. She was direct, attentive, and available as needed. When I had questions, she provided clear answers and considerations. I would recommend Brittany to anyone looking to buy a home; especially first time buyers.

Stephen S.
March, 2022

“I know it’s after hours but I would really like to thank each of you for all of your hard work! I truly appreciate each one of you! Best wishes to you! I will definitely refer you guys! Thanks a bunch!!

Iris G.
March, 2022

“This past Summer 2021 I decided to explore mortgaging my first home. Coming from an underserved community and underrepresented population, I had significant states of stress and anxiety due to the horror stories I have heard about this process, specifically for other community members.

Adding to the stress was the ultimate goal of finding the best possible home for my mother, who is permanently disabled and also struggled with the unacknowledged social and emotional trauma of predatory practices. She was far less interested in this process and comfortable renting for the rest of her life, until we started working with Brittany Sorles.

Little by little, Brittany put us at ease with her kind nature and expertise related to the home buying process.

Working with Brittany was truly a blessing for me and my mom. I know that we would still be losing money and coping with the uneasy feelings that comes with renting if we did not work with Brittany.

Despite the unease and financial issues that comes with renting, it was safe and familiar for both my mom and I. So as the home buying process began to play out, every step of the way it seemed to get more and more difficult. My mom and I were both on the verge of giving up. But Brittany’s patience and diligence helped us see it through.

Brittany went above and beyond what I expected to make sure we were first equipped with the power of knowledge related to this complex process. She also made it a point to ease our growing frustrations with unexpected setbacks. She did an excellent job of earning our trust, and helping us feel secure that she was an advocate for us, not someone out to take advantage of us.

We highly recommended Brittany Sorles to anyone that needs a loan officer with the professional literacy to understand the home buying process, and the personal communication of care that it takes to support people through such a stress-inducing but positively life-altering decision!”

Christopher and Toni H.
January, 2022

Shane O and Jermaine Golden are the true dream team! They are both hard working and will make you feel like you are the only customer they have! It’s personal for them, these guys are very Thorough, they take pride in what they do! I’m very thankful to have my dreams come true of homeownership thanks to these guys!”

Christina W.
July, 2021

Shane was great! Gave us the best possible rate even with added lender credits. Got us clear to close at the perfect time and actually got us money back at closing! Definitely made the right choice going with Shane!”

Caleb G.
July, 2021

I loved my experience with the team! I was nervous because I’ve never done anything like this before but they made sure I was comfortable! Made it to the closing table in 20 days!!!! Thanx guys!!! 🎉♥️

Raven S.
May, 2021

I am so grateful that Shane Ouimet made it possible for us to buy our first home. He literally held my hand the whole way through. Thank you so much to Shane and the whole team at Homelend USA. I would recommend Homelend to anyone that is seeking to buy or refinance. The best. Thank you.”

Britt S.
May, 2021

Shane O. is the best!! He assisted me with everything and explained the process throughly. I would not have been able to get my new home without his diligence and hard work. He works miracles. #tryshane”

Cutise B.
May, 2021

“My experience with Shane as my lender consultant was amazing. He was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and hard working. He was able to give me estimated numbers on home to make sure we were within my budget. Definitely the closer should be his new name. We made a deal happen within my budget. Every step of the way he was available, giving me advice, and options on “just in case”. I appreciate him so much. We were able to close on a beautiful that I fell in love with on my birthday. He was calm and gave you a sense of peace that everything would be just fine. He was Very thoughtful on making sure I was comfortable and explaining everything. He’s the guy you need on your team. Super dope. Thank you so much Shane.”

Denedra J.
May, 2021

“We were referred to Shane by our extraordinary Realtor Jermaine Golden. We found the perfect home and put in an offer and Shane worked his magic to help us save thousands in closing costs and got our payment around what we wanted to be around. He’s attentive and professional and doesn’t mind answering questions at any time. I can’t say enough about the hard work and dedication we saw from him. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a home. Thank you Shane for all that you did for us. We will never forget it.”

Dangelo T.
April, 2021

Shane made our mortgage process exceptional. From the first time I spoke with him, I felt that he took an interest in my family’s needs and was able to convey that he understood them. In this crazy market, Shane even called the sellers of our new home to inform them that we were solid buyers. I have never had a lender do that before. Throughout the mortgage process, Shane provided me updates so that I was not left in the dark about what was happening with our loan. He was fast, professional, hard working, personable, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend working with Shane for any of your mortgage needs.”

Alyx D.
April, 2021

“Thank you Shane for great service, working hard picking up the phone when it really mattered. Worked hard to get me the lowest rate as possible. Very understand through all the stress I was feeling. Super informational when it can you the all around process. Thank you Shane we Highly appreciate working with you an recommend HomeLend USA to all.”

Gregory M.
April, 2021

“My realtor referred me to Shane Ouimet at HomeLend USA through another realtor. My realtor told me that Shane saved her friend’s clients thousands in closing cost. I was already working with a current lender and decided to get details on this potential savings. I spoke with Shane by phone and gave him a break down of my situation. I later faxed over my current closing cost for him to review. He tallied up some numbers and gave me a ruff estimate as to what my closing cost would be. I was impressed by the new total and decided to switch lenders. I had to start a new application and resubmit my documents to HomeLend USA. Everything went smoothly and my application was processed and approved. I ended up saving over 10k in my closing cost working with Shane. Shane was honest, dependable and hardworking. He is heaven sent. He answered all my questions no matter what time of day or night it was. If you’re looking to save thousands at closing, Shane at HomeLend USA is where you want to be. Thank you again Shane! You’re amazing! I closed on my home today.”

Jordan C.
March, 2021

Mark Bigelow and Shane Oimet are wonderful to work with. They are very knowledgeable and always on top of things. My clients were very impressed with how quickly Homelend worked to get them to the closing on time or even ahead of time. Shane is so quick to get back with me whenever I have a question. I wish all my clients would choose Homelend as their lender!”

Marina L.
March, 2021

“We worked with Homelend USA on the financing for our new home. We were able to get the most competitive pricing available & work with a team with years of experience. Mark & his team provide excellent products & service for all your home buying needs!”

Chintan P.
March, 2021

“I work with Mark Bigelow with the majority of my clients. He is always responsive and so helpful. He helps from a quick pre-approval to getting us to the closing table as soon as possible! I would recommend him to all agents but honestly, I selfishly don’t want to share him :-)”

Cara M.
March, 2021

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