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HomeLend USA is a renowned and trusted lender providing affordable financing for your mobile home. With personalized service, we make the loan process as simple and smooth as possible. Our Loan Officers have several years experience originating manufactured and mobile home loans. HomeLend USA specializes in making the path to homeownership smoother than ever, providing tailored financing solutions and expert guidance. Enjoy a simplified lending process that makes the dream of homeownership into reality.

  • Flexible Financing: Own a home in a park with as low as 5% down payment
  • Credit Friendly: Approving scores as low as 550 (lower scores may need higher down payments)
  • Competitive Rates: Affordable terms for your budget.
  • Finance Everything: After required down payment, the sales tax & all closing costs can be financed. *
  • Wide Range of Choices: New & Pre-Owned Homes covered.
  • Specialized in Park Financing: Expertise where it counts.

Pre-Qualify for a Mobile Home Loan

If you’re in the market for a new home, our primary objective is to help you step into an affordable home that you can call your own. We’re here to collaborate closely with you in obtaining a mobile home loan. As an experienced lender specializing in mobile home loans, our team of experts offers comprehensive services encompassing loan origination, insurance, and more. Rest assured, they’ll be by your side, providing a seamless journey from beginning to end with their approachable demeanor and well-informed guidance.

Why a Mobile Home?

Providing an entry point to homeownership for many who might find traditional houses financially challenging. Customizable designs cater to diverse preferences, ensuring that homeowners can personalize their spaces to suit their unique lifestyles. Overall, mobile home ownership embodies a practical and cost-effective housing solution, combining financial accessibility with the adaptability to meet the evolving needs of homeowners.

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