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Speed-up Your Savings with an FHA Streamline Refinance

Today’s extraordinarily low interest rates make refinancing an existing mortgage a feasible option for many current homeowners.  When paired with an existing Federal Housing Administration-insured mortgage, however, the refinancing process can produce significant savings through a simple, streamlined process.   An FHA Streamline Refinance applies today’s low interest rates to a ...

Tell me More about my Credit Score

Whether you’re confident in your ability to qualify for a mortgage or you’re weary that a tumultuous credit history will result in a less-than-ideal loan, your credit score can be a useful and informative tool.   However, the many free websites, like Credit Karma or Credit Sesame, that offer a free ...

An Introduction to HomeLend USA: WJR Interview

Mark Bigelow, President of HomeLend USA, was interviewed on Detroit’s WJR-760 for the REMAX Real Estate Insights Show. In the interview, Mark introduces HomeLend USA and details how the company works to provide the products best suited to borrowers, whether purchasing, refinancing, or just seeking advice in the home loan ...